SoHHA Sunday Masterclass Mindfulness in Motion with Dr Michelle Nyangereka

SoHHA Sunday Mindfulness in Motion with Dr Michelle Nyangereka

Mindfulness is not just sitting crossed legged listening to your breath. This workshop builds on basic mindfulness techniques, from seated meditation to bringing conscious awareness onto your thoughts, physical sensations and emotions. It is interactive and creative allowing your imagination to fly while giving you skills to improve your life.

Dr Michelle Nyangereka is a woman on a mission - a Mother, Buddhist, Counselling Psychologist, Spiritual Activist and Storyteller, her mission is to help others find their soul’s purpose. Michelle has previously worked at Mind and the NHS. She now runs a private practice in the heart of Cambridge.

Join Michelle for the fourth SoHHA Sunday session on Sunday 2nd July 11.00am – 4.00pm for Adults (14yrs+) at Impington Village College Dance Studio. Course fee: £38 (10% discount across all SoHHA activities for Pass the Peas attendees)
To register please email: director@sincru.co.uk