Last remaining CHHW & SoHHA TShirts now only £6.50!

Last remaining SIN Cru CHHW & SoHHA Tees now only £6.50! Grab them while you can!

First Word "Nothing leaves the house" film feat SIN Cru fam Mr Thing

Shout out to SIN Cru's SoHHA supporters First Word Records. Check their short film "Nothing leaves the House", documenting the day Tall Black Guy, Eric Lau & Kid Kanevil went over to SIN Cru fam Mr Thing's crib. Enjoy!

SoHHA 2014: Know The Ledge Graffiti Art Exhibition

SIN Cru's Know The Ledge Graffiti Art Exhibition now showing at SIN Cru Studios featuring SIN Cru artists & friends. Come & see work from Dan Duce, Andrew Crowe, Sri McKinnon, ILL Boogs, Prone, Ben Swift (Nonsinthetik) & Mr Penfold. Affordable artwork for sale, alongside customised snapback caps & past SoHHA T-Shirts at bargain prices!